Chinami Takashima (D2) received a Poster Award at APATCC-10

Chinami Takashima (D2) received a Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (PCCP) Poster Award for a poster presented at the 10th Asia-Pacific Association of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry Conference (APATCC-10).

“Implementation of picuture-change corrected density functional theory based on infinite-order two-component relativistic method into GAMESS program”
○Chinami Takashima, Junji Seino, and Hiromi Nakai,

Hiroki URATANI(D3)received PhD Degree Award in 2020

Hiroki URATANI(D3)received PhD Degree Award in 2020.

<PhD Degree Award>
Hiroki URATANI 「Quantum Chemical Approaches to Nonadiabatic Dynamics in Complicated Systems: Nonradiative Relaxation of Excited Molecules and Carrier Behaviors in Halide Perovskites」