RAQET Software End-User License Agreements (EULA)

All RAQET requestors must agree to the following license agreement.

    • Article 1 (License matter)
      1. The users who have agreed to this EULA are authorized to download and use this software.
      2. This software is permitted to be used only by users belonging to academic institutions.
      3. This software permits redistribution and use among users in the same group where the user authorized to use belongs.
      4. When redistributing this software, be sure to include the above copyright notice, this conditional statement and the following liability limitation provision.
    • Article 2 (Prohibited matter)
      1. Prohibit downloading procedures using fake registration information. The copyright owner refuses downloading by users when the users used fake information.
      2. Prohibit reproduction, assignment, rental, public transmission, use, contrary to the EULA.
      3. Prohibit any modification or disassemble of this software.
      4. Any criminal act using this software (such as war-combat behavior, acts that violate laws, laws or regulations or ordinances,
      Prohibit the act of using or providing a harmful program such as a computer virus) is prohibited.
      5. In conformity with the preceding clauses, prohibit any act that the copyright owner deems inappropriate.
    • Article 3 (No warranty)
      1. The copyright owner does not guarantee anything with regard to the operation of this software.
      2. The copyright owner does not guarantee the output results obtained by using this software.
    • Article 4 (Discontinuation)
      If the user violates any of the matters stipulated in this EULA, the copyright owner may cancel the permission of use of the software without notifying any prior notice to the user.
    • Article 5 (Disclaimer)
      1. The copyright owner assumes no responsibility for any dispute arising from an act that violates the prohibited matter of Article 2.
      2. In the event of a dispute arising from the prohibited actions made by the users, the users handles anything at the burden and responsibility of the user, and the damage suffered by the copyright owner
      (Including lowers’ fees).
      3. This software is not warranted. Use the software at your own risk.
      4. The copyright owner is not responsible for any direct damage, indirect damage, accidental damage, extraordinary loss, punitive damages or consequential damages arising from the use of this software.
      5. Even if there are incompleteness or malfunction of this software, the copyright owner is not obliged to correct.
      6. The copyright owner is not obliged to explain and support the software (details, usage, and performance) to the individual users.
    • Article 6 (Quotation)
      The user should mention the literature information of the software presented in the other documents when the users publish and/or announce the results obtained using this software.
    • Article 7 (Change of EULA)
      The copyright owner is permitted may be able to change this EULA without consent of the users.
I agree to the above terms. I do not agree to the above terms.