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Fujitsu Poster Prize

Fujitsu Poster Prizes were awarded to the following 10 posters:
  • 3PP-09 Stella Stopkowicz (University of Mainz)
    "Relativistic corrections via fourth-order direct perturbation theory"
  • 3PP-10 Lan Cheng (University of Mainz)
    "Analytic energy derivatives in relativistic quantum chemistry: Rigorous treatments of both scalar-relativistic and electron-correlation effects"
  • 3PP-14 Takeshi Nagata (Kyoto University)
    "Recent development of the analytic gradient in the fragment molecular orbital method"
  • 3PP-15 Yuka Nakamura (Kyushu University)
    "A perturbation theory for friction of a large particle immersed in a binary solvent"
  • 3PP-19 Ayako Nakata (National Institute for Materials Science)
    "Spin-orbit TDDFT calculations with long-range correction"
  • 4PP-13 Ye Cao (National University of Singapore)
    "Charge transfer complexes of dihalogen molecules: From weak intermolecular interactions to dative bonds"
  • 4PP-21 Fengyi Liu (Kyoto University)
    "Theoretical study on the working mechanism of stilbene light-driven molecular rotary motor"
  • 4PP-47 Yu Harabuchi (Hokkaido University)
    "Theoretical study of bifurcating reactions accompanying the totally-symmetric valley-ridge inflection point"
  • 4PP-75 Yuta Tsuji (Kyushu University)
    "Orbital views of molecular conductance perturbed by anchor units"
  • 4PP-82 Min Gao (Hokkaido University)
    "Catalytic activity of gold clusters on the 'inert' h-BN surface"