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Instructions for Presenters

Oral Presentation
There are the following three types of oral presentations:
Please note that each duration listed above is the total duration for each presentation, including PC connection and discussion. A bell will notify the end of the talk and discussion. The presenter should adhere to the schedule. The presenter is required to bring his/her presentation files on USB or other portable drive. Please give the file to the staff at the following place:
Please name the file of your presentation as:
(Presentation No)_(Presenter's Name).ppt (or .pdf)

Poster Presentation (Sep. 3 and 4)
Poster boards will be located in Rooms 404, 405, and 410 on the fourth floor of Bldg. 14. The size of each poster board will be 210 × 90 cm (height × width). A presenter should place his/her poster on the poster board where his/her presentation number, which is given in the List of Poster Presentatins, is indicated. Please mount your poster on the board before 18:30 on the day that you have the presentation. The presenting authors with odd-numbered poster boards should present during 18:30-19:30 and those with even-numbered poster boards should present during 19:30-20:30. Please remove your poster immediately after your poster session. The organizer will dispose of any posters that are not removed by the presenters.

Fujitsu Poster Prize

The organizers of ISTCP-VII will select several Fujitsu Poster Prize winners from young poster presenters who indicated via the abstract submission webpage that they wished to be considered for the Prize. The prize winners will be announced at the Banquet on Sep. 7 and the Closing Ceremony on Sep. 8.


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